Professional Auctions

William Head has earned the Certified Auctioneers Institute (CAI) designation, the most highly respected educational designation in the auction industry. CAI graduates have the knowledge and skills necessary to provide high-quality services to all types of clients. He is an astute business person whose conduct follows the highest professional standards.

Property Appraisal

William Head has several years experience and many hours of professional classroom training in personal property appraisal. He is certified through the Certified Appraisal Guild of America, a professional accrediting organization providing certification of personal property appraisers. He is well qualified to assist you in property appraisal.

Real Estate

Whether it is a single residence house, multi-family dwelling, a commercial property or multiple properties.

  • Your property is exposed to buyers that are qualified and ready to buy.
  • Achieve the true market value of your property through competitive bidding.
  • As the seller, you are free of buyer / seller negotiations and contingencies.
  • Your property is advertised on-line, in local papers and our email list.


We will liquidate you or your loved one’s estate in an efficient and professional manner.

  • We lot and catalog all items.
  • Provide all tables and displays.
  • Provide expert consultants on items not in our expertise.
  • Recognize and consider all input from you on items.
  • Advertise your sale on-line, in local papers and our email list.

Business Liquidations

We have experience in complete liquidation of businesses. Whether it’s a going-out-of-business or even a bankruptcy sale, William Head will assist you in realizing a great return.

  • Companies of any size, at any location
  • We work with you through each step to ensure the liquidation process will yield the highest return on assets.

Fund Raising

Fund Raiser auctions are a great way for you non-profit organization to raise money.

  • Fund raising auctions let you concentrate your efforts to a single day event
  • Provides an evening of entertainment that your members will look forward to
  • Creates future opportunities to solicit direct donations for your next auction.
  • Fund raising auctions bring out the generosity in people creating a dynamic and profitable event.



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